Don’t Blame The Secret Service!!!!!

The Chicago Mafia takes a hit from Maureen Dowd. So, Obama brings old pal, Desiree Rogers to the White House from Chicago as Social Secretary and (isn’t that special) Special Assistant to the President. But she’s just interested in getting her picture in some fashion magazine wearing Oscar de la Renta in the Rose Garden… till the Press Secretary torpedoed that idea. Acording to Mean Maureen Dowd, Rogers is yakking it up and swilling Cosmopolitans at her own table of guests, instead of checking out the guest list in front of the velvet ropes at Studio 1600. I guess she figures she’s off duty. BIG QUESTION MARK GOES HERE. OH, AND MAKE THAT QUESTION MARK BOLD, WHILE YOU’RE AT IT.

So, don’t blame the Secret Service! Maybe Desiree should be doing a little apologizing of her own.

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