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Maureen Dowd Raps Joe Wilson's Knuckles

Maureen Dowd Raps Joe Wilson's Knuckles

The title of Mean Maureen’s column today: Rapping Joe’s Knuckles.

If the Senate wants to censor Joe Wilson for calling President Obama a liar, at a joint session of congress, you won’t catch me crying over it. But if we’re going to argue about restoring civility to our public discourse, I hardly think Mean Maureen’s the best candidate for poster child.

For the second time this week, Maureen attributes the racism of others to Joe Wilson, when he is not tied to – or responsible for these actions in any way.

He may well “be regarded as a hero at the anti-Obama rally” – where some morons are carrying placards with racist sentiments, but Joe Wilson did not create these signs, carry them or endorse them. But try telling that to Mean Maureen. And once again, the Times allows this to be printed. Public editor, Clark Hoyt, where are you?  I guess they’ll bring out Hoyt, the Times’ organ-grinder monkey, for his Sunday song and dance, the tiresome “Oops, we fucked up” column in the Sunday Op-Ed section.
As for the title of her column today: Rapping Joe’s Knuckles… she never does leave the Dominatrix theme far behind, does she? And I’ll bet she’d be the last to deny that she’d like to don her famous fishnets and red fuck-me pumps and rap Wilson’s tender little southern knuckles herself!

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