Is Obama Enabling Pedophile Priests?

Why did I hang on to this scrap of newspaper? What message was it whispering in my ear?

Only the Lord knows how may children were abused and preyed upon, one by one in dark quiet corners, carefully chosen by perverted predator priests with built in radar for the damaged children least likely to cause trouble.
But how did one priest get away with abusing over 200 young deaf boys? How this was allowed to happen?  And it was most certainly allowed. Apparently, many of these boys did report what happened. They may have been deaf, but the weren’t mute. Where were the parents? Where was law enforcement?
On February 15th I ripped this editorial out of the NY Times. Twice, I tossed it into the garbage and twice, I retrieved it without knowing what this shred of yellowing paper was whispering in my ear. Today, I figured it out. The editorial reports the NY Times disappointment with Obama, who, despite his campaign promise, in what I call, yet another “Barack and Forth” is continuing to permit a loophole allowing discrimination that is abhorrent – and illegal. My summary of the Times complaint below.

On the campaign trail, Mr. Obama pledged to – but then, did not revoke Mr. Bush’s 2002 executive order authorizing religious-oriented recipients of federal funding to hire and fire on religious grounds.

Today I realized what message this scrap of newspaper held for me: If Obama grants the church, or any religious institution, the right to illegal behavior, how far is the distance between “faith based discrimination and faith based pedophilia?”
I say it can be measured in tiny fractions of an inch. If at all.

Link to full editorial:

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