Death, Taxes & Mandatory Health Insurance

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The Dems are engaged in a fingerpointing yell-a-thon over what they call “misinformation” coming from the right. Yet Obama seems to be dishing out some of his own “misinformation.” Yes, a mandatory health insurance plan is the same thing as a tax, no matter how deftly Obama sidesteps a straight answer on the question. It may even be worse. Will we be told what the actual penalty will be for not having insurance? And all indications are that Obama’s going awfully soft on the pharmaceutical industry, which earns $300 billion in profit a year. For the paltry sum of $8 billion a year Obama has agreed not to seek additional concessions from the pharmaceutical industry including not allowing the government to use it’s enormous purchasing power to negotiate lower prices on the drugs it purchases through Medicare. Why shouldn’t he go just as soft with the insurance industry? The middle class will be forced onto a silver platter and delivered, as a delicious windfall of millions of new customers, to the insurers. That sound you hear is the insurers smacking their lips in anticipation.
And excuse me for asking this, but if the government is so concerned that we all accept responsibility for our health, why is smoking still legal? Woopsie! I forgot about the all powerful tobacco lobby. Obama, put down that cigarette!

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