Coming Soon! Mean Maureen Dowd!

mean-maureenSlap on your Hazmat suits and join me Next Friday, August 21st for the big debut of my new section dedicated to the bile spewing columnist, Mean Maureen Dowd. I just read a piece by Times columnist Judith Warner about how the press trivializes Hillary Clinton by treating everything she does as entertainment. Note to Judith Warner: your Times cubicle mate, Maureen Dowd is the most aggressive ardent Hillary assassin of all time. I’m still haunted by memories of the past election season; whether you were for or against Hillary Clinton, no one defiled her in the media with as much blood lust as female journalists did, and among those female journalists, the savagery of Maureen Dowd was bested by none! So here’s to my new section, named for Maureen Dowd. ┬áJudith Warner, thanks for making such a good point.

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