Obamacare And Marcus Welby: 2011

Instead of outright cuts to Medicare, which are so unpopular with voters, this administration plans to establish “Medicare spending per beneficiary,” a scoring system linking payments and penalties to the cost of health care hospitals provide, on a per patient basis. Some fear this will discourage hospitals from accepting the very sickest of patients in favor of those that will be less expensive to treat.

obamacare and marcus welby

Obama And Sitting Bull.

Or Is That… Sitting Bullseye?

Obama shoots himself in the foot again. Poor guy. In his new children’s book, Of Thee I Sing,” Obama profiles 13 inspirational Americans. One of them is Chief Sitting Bull. While I respect his right to choose anyone who inspires him, this seems like he’s painting a target on his own forehead. With all this talk about being un-American, he’s certainly given the conservatives the ammunition, beginning with having his first political fete hosted by Bill – blow up America – Ayers. Maybe Bam, Bill, Bull & Biden can all sit down and have a beer together at the White House to work things out!

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Al And Tipper Gore Divorce

Al Gore divorces Tipper

Below, just the text- for those poor souls who turn off images in their browsers:

Al Gore is said to be worth over $100 million from investing in the green and conservation technologies he preaches about to Americans.
But he flies in a fuel sucking private jet, owns several homes, one, a humongous mansion with a heated swimming pool and energy bills that are said to run 30 grand a year.
Well at least he takes recycling very seriously.
This month he’s recycling Tipper.