Boy, Oh Boy, Maureen! A Recipe For A Smear.

mean-maureenIn her column today, Maureen twists the truth about Congressman Joe Wilson’s outburst during a joint session of Congress, when he yelled at The President, “you lie!” Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t approve of what he did. But he did apologize and the White House accepted his apology.

But Mean Maureen needs a cat-fight to give herself that bloodlust hard-on she lives for. Even a mega-dose of Viagra just doesn’t do it for her bile-rotted genitals anymore. Today’s column could be considered a sequel to last Wednesday’s column “More Rocky, Less Spocky,” in which she exhorts Obama to be less measured  in his dealings with those who disagree with him. That entire column could be distilled into three words – that schoolyard chant you hear when two boneheads with a disagreement, circle each other, while the moron onlookers egg them on with a chant of “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

She takes three facts about Wilson;

1. He belonged to the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
2. He led a campaign to fly the Confederate flag above the S.C. Capitol building in 2000.
3. He did not believe the claim of a black woman who said she was Strom Thurmond’s daughter. As it turned out, she was his daughter. Dowd isn’t clear at what point he disbelieved her claim. Was it when she first made the claim or after the DNA test? That’s kind of important, no?
From there she makes the outrageous leap, stating as fact, that Joe Wilson was not really saying: “you lie!’”  She claims he is really saying “you lie ‘boy.’” There she goes, whipping out the race card. It doesn’t matter that he never said any such thing. If Mean Maureen says it’s so, then it must be so! The fish-netted dominatrix of the NY Times cracked her whip, and truth bent over at her command and pulled down its pants!

She uses the phrase “she’s been loath to ‘admit” to establish the truth of an utterly false statement that “the shrieking lunacy of the summer is nothing but the result of racism of these shrieking people,” lumping together everyone who opposes Obama’s healthcare reforms – or what they understand them to be – into one dismissible lump of humankind.

“Southerners,” she goes on to say, “since the Civil War, fear a takeover by blacks and the feds. In Obama they have both.” Ouch! Now I’d say that’s a racist or “regionalist” statement of huge proportion! I guess all southerners are racist anti-government types! Phew! I’m glad she hipped me to that fact! I wouldn’t want to get into the crosshairs of their sawed off shotguns!
Then, she really goes off the deep end! She mentions a Republican activist who made a truly despicable and racist statement about a Gorilla being Michelle Obama’s ancestor, and she hazily implicates Joe Wilson in the matter. Unless I’m missing something, Joe Wilson had zero connection to that man or to his comments. What utter foul play to suggest a connection!

But there you have the Dowd recipe. A smear of racism, toss in all Southerners in the bowl of your Swiss cheese-full of holes argument, then briskly sift out any American who wants this lurching administration to slow down and clearly and concisely explain to us exactly what kind of healthcare plan they are proposing, before we get onboard – in less than a 1200 page document we can access online.

Better than anything Julia Child could whip up!

And Just a P.S. Mean Maureen also suggests that those of us who have trouble with Obama’s erudition, do so based on the racist belief that “he is getting above his raising.” I would like to point out that his erudition seems problematic not because of any racism. Maybe it’s due to the fact that the outcome of the healthcare debate will effect all our lives profoundly. Yet so far, the only hope Americans have been offered of gleaning any understanding of the administration’s plans, is a 1200 page document. This is laughably unacceptable. Maybe if we were as erudite as Mr. Obama, we could all breeze through it. But I’ll be the first to admit, that I am not up to the task. Lowly me. I want the Cliff Notes. And Mr. Obama had best be willing to forego our support, if he isn’t willing or capable of creating something we can all understand, before asking Americans to sign off on his plan.

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