Anna Wintour Dodges Maureen Dowd’s Bullet!

mean-maureenSomeone check Maureen Dowd for a pulse! Maybe take her temperature. Does she need a nice rejuvenating bowl of chicken soup? As we all know, she positively glows when using her bully pulpit at the Times to attack a powerful woman. Today’s prey is Anna Wintour. But Dowd seems uncharacteristically ambivalent about the attack. Mean Maureen is positively lackluster! Instead of displaying her usual energetic savagery, via quotes, she mostly lets the Wintour insults come from the lips of others. Normally, she hogs the dagger, slamming it into her victims back, again, and again, and again, until the moment of her earsplitting orgasm. Multiple orgasms, or so I hear. Continue reading


Laugh out loud! Below is a comment posted to the Judith Warner column (see previous post) at the Times website. It seems that every third comment mentions Maureen Dowd’s endlessly shrill, tiresome, repetitive shrieking. But this one made me burst out laughing. Thank you Marc Farre, whoever you are. I invite you to guest post here at: Mean Maureen Dowd! Just say the word. Just email me when you’re ready:


Coming Soon! Mean Maureen Dowd!

mean-maureenSlap on your Hazmat suits and join me Next Friday, August 21st for the big debut of my new section dedicated to the bile spewing columnist, Mean Maureen Dowd. I just read a piece by Times columnist Judith Warner about how the press trivializes Hillary Clinton by treating everything she does as entertainment. Note to Judith Warner: your Times cubicle mate, Maureen Dowd is the most aggressive ardent Hillary assassin of all time. I’m still haunted by memories of the past election season; whether you were for or against Hillary Clinton, no one defiled her in the media with as much blood lust as female journalists did, and among those female journalists, the savagery of Maureen Dowd was bested by none! So here’s to my new section, named for Maureen Dowd.  Judith Warner, thanks for making such a good point.

Evelyn Coke. A Brave Woman. A Hero.

coke190Yesterday a very brave woman named Evelyn Coke passed away at the age of 74. She was a personal hero of mine. From financially meager circumstances, her conviction led her to fight a battle that reached the The Supreme Court. She fought to extend pay protections, assuring minimum wages and overtime, to home healthcare workers who are overwhelmingly low-income, female and minority.

The 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act required employers to pay minimum wage and overtime for working more than 40 hours a week. In amending the law in 1974 to extend protection to domestic employees like maids and cooks, Congress specifically excluded baby sitters and “companions” for the old and infirm. They were exempted because many were thought to be friends, relatives and neighbors. The law did not mention aides employed by third parties.

Her obituary (link below) is well worth reading. Evelyn Coke’s story is alternately inspiring, heartbreaking, outrageous and maddening. The court unanimously rejected her claims, saying Congress gave the Labor Department explicit authority to include home care workers in minimum wage and overtime protection and the agency had chosen to exclude them.

Rest in peace Evelyn Coke.

Below is a cartoon I did when President Bush & Mayor Bloomberg opposed the lawsuit
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Jesse Jackson, Michael Vick and Jackie Robinson.

This week Jesse Jackson compared Michael Vick’s attempt to re-enter the N.F.L. to Jackie Robinson.

To paraphrase The Independent editor, Rick Murphy, “Vick was a bad egg from the get-go, while Robinson was a four-sport star at UCLA and an U.S. Army veteran before he started playing professional baseball. His post pro-sports life was spent in pursuits that made our world a better one. To compare the two is an insult to Robinson’s legacy.”

“Democracy does not guarantee success,” Jackson said. “Democracy guarantees an opportunity. It’s not fair to de facto try to lock him out of his right to compete.” Note to Jesse Jackson: Democracy also allows citizens, also known as ticket buyers, the opportunity to express their moral outrage to the businessmen who run the entertainment juggernaut known as the NFL. They in turn have a right to weigh that outrage when making decisions about which players to allow the privilege of playing on their teams.

Jackson is bundling an utterly false connection between 2 separate issues: what Democracy guarantees, and the legal argument of collusion. Maybe what Jessie Jackson is calling collusion is simply a shared sense of moral outrage and disgust. But if he wants to foot the legal bill to establish collusion between team managers, Democracy allows him to try.

As for Jesse Jackson’s obscene Jackie Robinson/Michael Vick comparison:
Jackie Robinson was kept from playing because of who he was.
Michael Vick was kept from playing because of what he did.

Jesse Jackson’s arguments are as lame as a dog Vick would have shot, hung or tortured.

The Jobless Recovery Explained

There’s a new phrase that I’ve begun seeing, “jobless recovery.” But isn’t that an oxymoron? I guess the devastation of a huge swath of the middle class is meaningless to whoever coined that phrase or to any journalists who actually uses it. There are millions who are unemployed, losing their homes, have no healthcare and can’t pay their bills. More join their ranks daily. Could this be why this administration and it’s worshipping liberal media lackeys has a reputation for elitism?
You think?

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