Timothy Geithner. All Talk. No Action.

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Timothy Geithner insults the intelligence of every American

The New York Times says Timothy Geithner is getting a reputation for tough talk and no action. But I think that’s going easy on the guy. A few weeks ago I read a headline that said “Geithner Opposes Pay Caps In Favor Of Regulation.” Now that’s masterful spin! Who the heck says they’re mutually exclusive?  We need pay caps and we need regulation. And lots of it! Let’s be very clear about Geithner. He had his face in the Wall Street trough before he got to the White House and he’ll slam his face right back in that trough the minute he leaves the White House. And the same goes for Larry Summers. When Obama chose Geithner and Summers for his Cabinet, he put the fox in charge of the henhouse. And we Americans are the hens. So, start clucking! As for the French Revolution, in addition to the guillotines, they tied the scoundrels together in pairs and tossed them in river so if one didn’t drown, the other pulled him under. Here’s to Geithner and Summers. They make a perfect pair!

Apologies For Last Week’s Cartoon.

I didn’t post my cartoon on this site last week. I wish I could have un-printed it from the Independent. But as far as I know, there is no delete fuction in a printed newspaper, although last week I sure wished there was. My cartoon was about how Germany should have been given to the Jews after the Holocaust. I’ve always felt strongly that Germany did not do as much as it should have in the way of repiration. I won’t go into my detailed thinking on that. But I was absolutely wrong to take the timing of The President’s trip to the Middle East to give me a reason to air those thoughts. In no way do I believe that what the Germans owed to the Jewish People after the Holocaust, had any bearing on the founding of Israel. They are two completely different issues. I received a rightfully angry letter from a very thoughtful man named Edward Nash. He said:

The funny(?) remark “Why didn’t they just give Germany to the Jews?” is an anti-Israel argument I have heard of only once before –in speeches by Iran’s current President Ahmadinajad. we have to realize that Jews as a people (not as a religion) are facing increasing dangers that are beginning to affect us here in the U.S. Now that the Obama-Carter equivalency double-talk is dominating world opinion, Israel as a nation is in real danger. They have been a refuge and an inspiration for descendants of Jewish families from all over the world, and the particular sentiment expressed in your cartoon is part of the holocaust-denying diatribes initiated by the spokesperson for the mullahs of Iran and echoed by many others.

He was 100% correct. I can only say that I lost a lot of sleep thinking about how I had given voice to a point of view I abhor. Mr. Nash pointed out “access to the public is a power.” He is right. I am deeply sorry to have squandered it. Poorly done. And while my husband says, “no one is paying any attention to you and your dopey cartoon strip,” I haven’t been feeling like going out and about in our small community much this week. I wonder if David Letterman needs some company on the “humor gone seriously wrong” bench.

The Plastic Plague

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carbonfootprint2I was just horrified as I packed up the garbage, and saw how many plastic water bottles our two-person household alone was contributing to the plague of plastic. Suddenly, the movie Wall-E flashed into my mind.  All I can say is, that when the time comes, thank you very much, I am not getting off that spaceship to try coming back to the huge landfill that we have made of this earth! I will stay strapped in front of my entertainment screen, sipping whatever the heck is in those big plastic cups everyone had. Exercise, and the ability to touch one’s own toes, is overated anyway!