Christmas, Obama And Rick Warren

When I informed the editor of the Independent that I had yet another “Caroline Kennedy wants to be a senator cartoon,” for this week, he began bleating into the telephone, “pleeeaaaase, it’s Christmas, it’s Chanukkah, it’s Kwanza, it’s the holiday season!  Can’t you just do something nice? Well, I’m not much at “nice,” so, here’s this week’s “nice” cartoon, and then right below it, a reprint of a cartoon that has become timely again, from a few months ago, before the wonderful online universe of Is it just me? sprung into existence. First, nice:

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And here’s the cartoon from a few months ago:
I was appalled that the honor of hosting and controlling the question list at the first public meet-up between McCain and Obama was conducted by this Evangelist, Rick Warren. Excuse me, Barack, haven’t you heard of the separation of church and state? As for McCain, well, he’s a Republican. And it seems many Republicans have not heard of the separation of church and state. So, this is around the time I really began to think I could really vote for a Republican for the first time in my life. McCain was who he said he was. I like that. Obama… I still can’t figure out what the heck is with him or what the heck is with his supporters who seem to turn a blind eye when they should speak up. Oh well, as my husband keeps saying, “the election is over, Karen.” Sigh.

So, Evangelist, Rick Warren, anti-choice, anti-gay, will have the honor or giving the invocation at the inauguration. Well, there’s a fine poke in the eye from Obama to every woman who voted for him, and believes she should be the one to choose when she bears a child, not the government and not any frigging church. And here’s another fine poke in the eye from Obama, for every gay person who voted for him. And here’s a fine double poke in the eye to every woman who is gay, and also believes that any her uterus is her goddamned business and nobody else’s. Hey, you should have seen it coming. (As for the reference to the limousine, there was some mighty fine, self congratulatory high-fiving between Obama and Warren on the night of the event about how rich they both are. I’ll dig that up and add it in here shortly. it’s so pukey!)

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Caroline Gets What Caroline Wants

So, it’s looking like Caroline will be given the senate seat, despite her utter and complete lack of qualification. That’s my prediction. More to come, but it’s too depressing. Here’s today’s cartoon, and I promise, I’m not through complaining yet. Like I said, it must be nice to be a Kennedy.

Senator Caroline Kennedy?
Have Her Fax Me Her Resume.

So, after all these years of Democrats struggling under the yoke of George W. Bush, Caroline is nooowheeeere to be seen. But now that the party’s started for the Democrats, with the election of Barack Obama, Caroline wants to pull up a chair, reach her spoon up, and scoop up the cherry on the top of the ice cream sundae.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t family inheritance of political power go out with our revolution?

It must be nice being a Kennedy.

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Caroline Kennedy for the senate? Have her fax me her resume.

The Real Bill Ayers? I Don’t Think So.

On the front page of the NY Times is a headline: The Real Bill Ayers. In an effort to keep the Obama as Messiah juggernaut afloat, they’ve published this pompous piece of propaganda, written by Ayers himself.  Obviously this never passed through the fact checking department. If it had, it would not have made it out the door. Bill breezily refers to his bomb making past like it was some kind of Boy Scout activity, because the stated goal was to stop the Vietnam War. He is a master of spin, spewing lies wrapped in a calm faux factual tone. Look, let’s get real, Osama bin Laden and his friends believe in their cause too. But terrorism is terrorism. That Bill Ayers is not in jail, and is employed by an American university, as a professor, is a fact I just can’t wrap my mind around.

He actually admits to having regrets, but, and it’s a big “but:” he says, “no one reaches his age without regrets.”
I’m speechless. I can’t remember the last time I built a bomb for any reason. Can you?
He blathers on saying his bombs were only meant to destroy property, not human life. Well, that leaves a lot of room for a pretty big “woops” or two, Mr. Ayers. But he makes no mention of that. And as for his wife, Bernadette or (sometimes known as Bernadine) Dohrn co-hostess for Obama’s first political fundraiser, she spent time in jail for possession of explosives and for refusing to testify against one of her gal pals, in the Brinks robbery, in which three innocent lives were lost, leaving a few widows and orphans too. So, here are pair of cartoons I did in the few weeks before the election. That was a tough time for this soon to be ex-Democrat. I felt like I was watching the world I knew go mad. And though my husband keeps reminding me that “the election is over,” I’m just not ready to be done with trying to sort out the madness.

So, below, two cartoons, dedicated to my good friends, the Ayers/Dohrns. click to explode. Woops! I mean:
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Michael Vick Seeks NFL Reinstatement

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Get out the violins! Michael Vick is applying for NFL reinstatement from jail, hoping to speed up the process, so he can get back to earning money after squandering the 130 million he earned plus all of his endorsement money. He may have a hard time convincing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell he deserves reinstatement, after his conviction for running a dogfighting ring and killing dogs that underperformed.