Racism – No Way! Sexism – YAAAYYYYY!

Here’s the cartoon I came up with for my weekly strip in The Independent.
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Below is the text for the cartoon:

President Elect, Barack Obama named Lawrence Summers director of the National Economic Council.

Recently, Summers, was forced to resign as President of Harvard after suggesting that biological differences may be the reason for the few women in top science and math jobs.

In an election year that led many to observe that racism was no longer acceptable, but sexism was very much alive, this has lead many women to ask…

Would Obama have appointed Summers if he’d suggested biological differences as a reason for the few African Americans in top science and math jobs?  

Obama And Lawrence Summers

Gosh. What if Lawrence Summers had been forced to resign from Harvard University for suggesting that biological differences may be the reason for the few African Americans in top science and math jobs? Would Obama still have given him a place on his economic team? I just can’t help wondering. Well, there’s a subject for this week’s cartoon! 

(As I am sure you know, Lawrence Summers was forced to resign after suggesting that biological differences may be the reason for the few women in top science and math jobs.)

Note To Lawrence Summers

Note to Lawrence Summers, ex-president of Harvard University, who was forced to resign after suggesting that biological differences may be the reason for the few women in top science and math jobs: the top prize winner of this year’s Intel Science Contest is a young woman. Pow! Boff! Zing! Oh, and Larry, the third prize, that went to another young woman too. Sayonara Larry!

Below: Lawrence Summers gives a
farewell address at Harvard University

Who Should We Bailout?

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to who should be getting the booty from this humongous bailout package we Americans are paying for. So here’s this week’s cartoon:
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Below is the text for the cartoon:

Last week President Bush told Americans an immediate bailout of investment banks was necessary to stave off a total economic implosion.
This week Obama chimed in saying an immediate bailout of the auto industry was necessary to stave off a total economic implosion.
Maybe what we really need is a cartoonist bailout. We’re gonna need some laughs in the next few months! Do you mind if I take a swing at that piñata?



Eliot Spitzer Gets Off.

Well, here’s this week’s cartoon. I’ll probably add a few more things shortly. When I first heard the news that Spitzer was “getting off,” without any criminal charges, I couldn’t stop laughing. I think I could have gotten 10 cartoons out of the story, even though I only needed one, to meet this week’s deadline.
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Below is the the cartoon text:

Santa may care who’s naughty or nice, but apparently, our federal prosecutors don’t! They’ve decided former Governor Eliot Spitzer will not face criminal charges for patronizing a high-priced prostitution ring, just like the ones he aggressively prosecuted when he was in office.
Well, how nice for the Spitzer family. This news comes just in time for the holidays!
With his habit of visiting $5,500 an hour prostitutes, it didn’t take Spitzer long to ring up an $80,000 bill. Gee, we hope he has something left to buy Christmas presents with!

What Cindy McCain Should Have Said

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(Below, the post, before it was a cartoon) Recently, Cindy McCain, wife of Presidential Candidate John McCain, appeared on The View, Barbara Walters asked her how many homes she owned, Cindy McCain politely said, that had nothing to do with the campaign, and declined to answer.

What she should have said was: How ever many homes I have, you can be sure that unlike Barack Obama, none of them was financed by a lobbyist, jailed for corruption, named Antonin Rezko.

Media Gone Mad… For Obama

Below is the front page of today’s New York Times website. It demonstrates perfectly, how the Times, and the mainstream media, appear to be campaigning for Obama, rather than actually covering the campaign. 

Note to The Media:
Barack Obama is running for the position of: President of the United States
Barack Obama is not running for the position of: The Messiah. 

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.
In this case, maybe a million.